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The correct way to update WordPress

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Updating WordPress is very important and some might tell you it is easy. Go to your WordPress website's dashboard and click "Update Now". But merely clicking update could have devastating consequences if something goes wrong with the update. That is especially true if you had any customization done to your website or have many plugins. The site might break and certain functions might stop working altogether.

First and...

Too busy to blog!

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This is the number #1 complaint from site owner when asked why they are not posting on their blog. When a clients want a blog incorporated onto their website, we always ask then these questions:

  1. Who will be posting on the blog?
  2. Who will monitor comments?
  3. What will you be blogging about?
  4. What is the purpose of having the blog?
  5. How much time can you dedicate to it?
In truth, blogging is not needed for all businesses or indus...

How to optimize images in a blog post

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Optimizing all of the images in a blog post is an important step of good SEO techniques that is often forgotten or misused. It is not only very simple to do, it can also add great optimization value to your blog posts. After all Search engines index images found online as they offer an image library. This is one way for prospective clients to find your website. Another benefit is that images (when they are well optimized) give another indication to the search engine bots on what your post is abo...

How to optimize a blog post

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Optimizing a blog post is not complicated but so is dieting! Cut calories and exercise... If you follow the simple steps we are discussing in today's video, you can gain great results and reach new prospective clients online. First make sure you are optimizing for a good keyword or keywords. Don’t just assume you know what Internet users are searching for for your type of services or products. Google Trends is a good source of information so is Google AdWor...

Don’t get hacked! WordPress security issues

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WordPress is very popular because of being a free platform that doesn't require much coding knowledge. Its functionality is constantly expanding through a wealth of both free and paid plugins that you can add to your site. Because of the nature of how it is set up, there are some inherent security issues that you will want to keep in mind and that leave your website susceptible to being hacked. The first thing you should always do, is try to keep your site updated to the latest version of WordPr...

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