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Is it important to update WordPress when asked?

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If you have a WordPress website or blog, it is important to keep up with the updates. We know it can be annoying especially since they seem to come more frequently than ever before. First - The facts You do not have to update. There is no Internet police that will check if you updated or not. You may choose to stay with an older version for as long as you own the website. It is your choice. Saying this, it is HIGHLY

Don’t get hacked! WordPress security issues

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WordPress is very popular because of being a free platform that doesn't require much coding knowledge. Its functionality is constantly expanding through a wealth of both free and paid plugins that you can add to your site. Because of the nature of how it is set up, there are some inherent security issues that you will want to keep in mind and that leave your website susceptible to being hacked. The first thing you should always do, is try to keep your site updated to the latest version of WordPr...

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