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Content Management Systems

A Web Content Management system (WCMS) is a unique software system that would give you the administrative tools you need to be able to edit text and images on your very own website without having to know php coding.

We offer different types of CMS programs. They are all VERY user-friendly and intuitive, and enable you to update your site at the click of a button.

You can access the Administration Center from any computer (PC or MAC) with Internet connection anywhere in the world. You will be assigned a secured username and password and only you will have access to it. It is absolutely secured and protected.

We will also provide training on how to use it.

If you are hiring our team to custom design your website, we will offer a complete Content Management System at no extra charge with no monthly payment. The CMS becomes yours to keep!

It truly only takes minutes to learn how to use our CMS programs!

We will install the appropriate custom coding to all of the parts of the website you would like to be able to edit. We can even protect and safeguard parts of your website that should not be edited. All of the details are discussed with you.

It is a highend fully integrated Administration Center using PHP coding and mySQL database. The cost ranges from $500 to $1,500+ depending on the size of the website and the extent of what you want to be able to access on your site. This CMS does not have any monthly fees and takes about one to four weeks to install on your website. The program is on your website itself and does not use third party software. It is the most professional option for your website. For a test drive of our fully integrated CMS, please visit our offices in Santa Rosa.

We can work with your budget so do not hesitate to set up a time for a free consultation.


Installing a CMS onto your existing website


If you already have a breathtaking website but simply want the ability to edit the textual content and photos on your own, we can integrate our content management system. This gives you complete autonomy. We also provide for you and your staff so that making the edits is easy. The cost of such implementation depends on the strutural code of your current site, its complexity and the number of pages.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation and review of your existing website:
(707) 794-9999 PST.

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Our Design Work

We treat each project individually and with great care as if it was our own website. We believe that attention to details, the proper use of colors and shape, the right positioning of your marketing message and the first impression a visitor has when arriving at your website are all crucial elements to consider when designing a breathtaking and powerful website.

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