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What does Headless eCommerce mean?

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It seems that everyday the Internet is creating new words. We all remember when the “cloud” became a hot item and how confusing it was for most people. Today, we will address a term that has become popular for eCommerce website development this year: Headless eCommerce.

The way we conduct business online has changed greatly these past two years, primarily due to COVID-19 lock-downs and people having to buy items online. eCommerce websites have benefited and continue to benefit from the trend. Because the online market changes faster than business owners can adjust to, new solutions had to be developed. Headless eCommerce is one of them. It is aimed to improve the online shopping experience of today’s consumers and also provide platform flexibility and new technology to business owners. In truth, the Headless eCommerce solution has existed for a while. According to Wikipedia, term was coined by Dirk Hoerig, co-founder of Commercetools back in 2013.

A Focus on User Experience

With Headless eCommerce, the architecture of the public site (what is shown to your customers) is separated from the content management system (CMS) the site owner uses to manage content, products for sale, inventory, and other functions. It might sound impossible to decouple a site from its CMS but Headless eCommerce allows both of them to work independently. This helps in creating new and better consumer experiences without disruptions. It also enables fully customized designs for different endpoints because the design the users sees is again separate from the CMS. In addition, it allows for multiple API integrations.

These new headless eCommerce platforms are better for user experience but they are also more complex to develop. Because of this, they require a higher budget and a longer development time frame. These CMS communicate with the front-end using APIs and APIs require a higher level of programming skills. These sites, though higher in quality, may also require more maintenance. Many popular eCommerce platforms have started to offer Headless solutions. BigCommerce is one of them. As a Certified BigCommerce Partner, we can assist you with your Headless eCommerce needs using BigCommerce Headless Platform.

Amazon is the most famous Headless eCommerce site and they change content every few seconds! And if Amazon thinks it is a good thing to do… well it must be. 🙂

Collage from BigCommerce showing Storefront Headless Commerce Product Ordnance Survey

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