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Pinterest and SEO

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Incoming quality traffic to your website is the ultimate goal. The more people come to your site either through referral websites or directly, the better your chances for high ranking with search engines.

Pinterest has come a long way from being a “girls sharing photos” platform to now a legit business social media platform on which a company can promote their products, services or brand.

In the eyes of Google and other major SE, Pinterest is a quality popular website and having Pinterest users being referred from to your site is great for search engine optimization.

Here are 5 simple tips we hope you will find useful to establish a strong presence for your business on Pinterest.

  1. Your Profile: Make sure your profile is a business profile (nor personal) and that it is absolutely complete with all detailed information. Use every field offered by Pinterest especially the one for your website URL. Use keywords or your company name in your profile username and  profile name. In addition, do not forget to confirm your account.
  2. Your Pins: Write interesting text with fun or captivating hashtags with your pins. Make your photos or graphics captivating so that pinners would be more enticed in liking them or repinning them. Get a Pin It button (more on Pin It buttons here >>). Rich Pins is a newer concept with Pinterest and should be used as well (more on Rich Pins here >>).
  3. Your Boards: We believe that boards are even more important than pins themselves. Give them compelling names and targeted focus. When naming your boards make sure to use words that pinners are most likely to use to search for products or services like yours on Pinterest.
  4. Your Activity: Don’t just go crazy with Pinterest for a few days and then do nothing for a month. Just like anything else in life, sustainable consistence is key to great results. A great pin once a day typically works well for most businesses. You should prepare pins two weeks at a time instead of once a day; it is more efficient this way. Schedule the pins to be released once a day around the same time. Try to imagine the time of the day your target audience is most likely to be on Pinterest.
  5. Your Niche: Trying to target everything and everybody simply does not work. Figure out what your niche is, what your perfect customer is, and what he or she searches for on Pinterest. Develop your pinning habits around your niche and push forward making small adjustments from time to time. Then use Pinterest Analytics to monitor progress and success of each pin. After a while, you will notice a trend of what pinners like most.
Pinterest for Businesses
Pinterest for Business

Using Pinterest for your business is not complicated as you can see but requires effort and time. Before you assign one of your staff the responsibility of managing your business Pinterest account, consider getting a quote from experts like us. In most cases, we can save you time and money and do it right for you the very first time.

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