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Targeting your audience

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Your site should primarily “target” your audience, attract new clients, and keep your customers engaged. If you have been in business for a while you should have a good sense of who your target audience is. Can you describe them in a sentence or two? This is the time to be old fashioned and pick up a pen and paper for this exercise (or a keyboard). Remember that your target audience is the one client that brings you the most profit and pleasure to work with. Once you describe your audience in detail, write down what they like.

What do we mean?

  • Does your audience like frilly things that are cute and pretty?
  • Does your audience like to be spoken in a direct manner or does it prefer to be social first and then talk business?
  • Does your audience like a lot of information or just the basics and highlights?
  • Does your audience enjoy social media platforms or is more old school?
  • What age group and demography does your audience belong to?
  • Are they typically the decision maker in the purchase of the product or the selection of the service?
  • Where do they leave?
  • What is their occupation and income level?
  • What is their marital status?
  • What is typically their education level?
  • Etc.

Now that you know who your audience is, it makes it easier to have a website design and copy writing that “speak” to them and grab their attention. Though the site should clearly show your brand; the message via visual and writing should be for your customers and prospects.

Having a tailored experience for your target audience has always shown to be the most productive way to develop a website and its message. Trying to target everyone is a not a target at all; it becomes a diluted and confusing message. Questions? Give us a call at 707-794-9999.

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