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Multi-channel Marketing

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What is multi-channel or omni-channel marketing? It is the ability to distribute your content, products, and promotions to powerful marketing platforms. Well known marketing platforms you may recognize are as follows: Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, Shops on Instagram, Walmart Marketplace, TikTok, to name a few. Multi-channel marketing is one of the most efficient way to push your products to the world wide web easily and quickly. To do it efficiently, you would need automation and for automation you need a program or tool to do the work.

We know that customers shop in more places than ever before. So getting your brand in their feeds across all touch points without additional development work is a must if you wish to remain competitive and relevant in your market.

BigCommerce offers many ways to connect your favorite platforms to your eCommerce website. What it does is push any new products or promotions you may add onto your site to automatically appear in the 3rd party platforms of your choice like Amazon or Google Shopping. All multi-channel integrations are built on BigCommerce’s catalog API to sync inventory from 3rd-party channels to the back-end, and then off to your ERP or tech stack as needed. This prevents overselling a product no matter where the sale happens. Indeed, you can connect your inventory to online marketplaces, social media and POS solutions of your choice with the BigCommerce Channel Manager. Adding a new channel or connecting an existing one takes just a few clicks.

Part of what we do for you is not only assess what platforms connections are best suited for you but we create such accounts and connect it to your website.

  • Sync inventory across listings
  • Automate pixel placement to track return on spend
  • Enable multi-location fulfillment via POS
  • Expand to listings on Walmart, WayFair and more

eCommerce adoption has accelerated in the face of COVID-19, making it even more important for retailers to integrate online and offline sales channels into a cohesive experience.

Retailers need a comprehensive, up-to-date omni-channel strategy that considers how consumer needs and behaviors have changed and recalibrates their understanding of their target customer. If it all sounds overwhelming, not to worry. We are here to help you, making happen for you, managing the process and even train you and your staff if you would like. Call us today at 707-794-9999 Pacific Standard Time.

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