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Importance of content on your website

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Adding optimized content to your website is a very efficient form of online marketing and can improve the organic ranking of your website. After all, Google and other search engines are primarily in the business of delivering content to Internet users. Even though your site pages may not need frequent updates, adding pages of keyword empowered content is important. Think of it as content marketing.

The concept should make sense to everyone and is in fact quite simple but so it loosing weight… eat less and exercise more. It makes senses, it is not complicated yet it is difficult. Content marketing is difficult too because business owners are very busy with day to day business activities. They simply lack the time in very busy schedule. Also though anybody can write, it is not easy to write fresh text week after week. In addition, it is important to write copy that is attractive to both website visitors and search engine bots.

We can help!

First and foremost, we do all our content in-house. We do not farm it out to other countries or people working in garages. We write it in-house. Before we write content, we want to know how you want to portray your company. We ask ourselves how we can showcase you and your team as true experts in your industry. We assess the kind of content we need to write for Google because we want Google to like the content as well.

As you see, there is a fine balance between pleasing the bots and pleasing your prospective customers. This is where our expertise really shines. If you are not sure where to start, that is okay, send us an email or give us a call. Our first consultation is always free of charge with no strings attached.

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