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From offline to online

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Your customers are online and you should be, too. It became even more important during the waves of lock-downs these past two years. Whether you are just starting up or already have a business in place, take your brand online so you can sell everywhere your customers shop. COVID-19 changed the way we conduct business and now most buyers are familiar with buying online. If you have a brick-and-mortar company, you could be left behind and miss out on online revenues.

Going from offline to online is fairly simple. We create and customize your storefront on the web, enter your products, establish all necessary connections (merchant account, sales tax, etc.), and launch your business online. Upon completion, we train you on how to use the simple drag-and-drop visual editor. We like to use BigCommerce because they have a great page builder you can use to edit or create beautiful tailored pages after the website is launched.

If you already have a strong company website, we can leave it as it is and add a shopping cart to it. If not, the new eCommerce website can become your full site on which you can promote your brand but also sell 24/7/365. Indeed, selling online does not have days off or sick days. It works for you even after office hours.

Some retailers worry about merging their offline and online sales and inventory and that is a legitimate concern.

Note that we can automatically sync your brick-and-mortar sales and inventory with your online store by connecting to one of Big Commerce’s integrations with leading POS providers like Quickbooks. We can even integrate your online and offline shopping experiences with the “buy online and pick up in store” solutions.

Most importantly, you are not alone after the launch. We can set up all of the automated marketing tools available to be found on the Internet. We can connect your new website to popular online channels to market your products. Some of channels are Facebook, Amazon, Google, Walmart, Instagram, and several others. For example, Checkout on Instagram, available to all US merchants, lets you create “shoppable” posts so customers can checkout directly on the app.

Still not sure if selling online is worth it for your company? Simply schedule a complimentary consultation. We can assess your business goals and current settings and candidly share the pros and cos of selling on the Internet.

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