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Why does the Core Web Vitals show “not enough data”?

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As mentioned in our previous blog, Google started to release their new Core Web Vitals program in June 2021. With this in mind, a lot of website owners are not able to see the Core Web Vitals report when accessing their Google Search Console dashboard. Why is that?

If you read “Not enough data for this device type” (desktop or mobile) on your Core Web Vitals dashboard, it means either that your property is new in Search Console or that there is not enough data available in the CrUX Report to provide meaningful information. The CrUX report is also known as the Chrome User Experience Report. It provides user experience metrics for how real-world Chrome users experience popular destinations on the web. You read it correctly, it is based on Chrome users, not Firefox Mozilla, Bing, Safari, or other browsers.

Below is some information provided by Google to developers like us.

The Chrome User Experience Report is powered by real user measurement of key user experience metrics across the public web, aggregated from users who have opted-in to syncing their browsing history, have not set up a Sync passphrase, and have usage statistic reporting enabled. The resulting data is made available via:

  1. PageSpeed Insights, which provides URL-level user experience metrics for popular URLs that are known by Google’s web crawlers.
  2. Public Google BigQuery project, which aggregates user experience metrics by origin, for all origins that are known by Google’s web crawlers, and split across multiple dimensions outlined below.
  3. CrUX Dashboard on Data Studio, which can be setup to track an origin’s user experience trends.

Pages of information is available at this link. Just know that Google gets very technical and, at times, is vague about what they mean. Still, it is very important to take action by adjusting your website to Google’s new requirements for indexing all sites as soon as possible. This will ensure that your site maintains its ranking, or best, gain positioning over your online competitors.

DO NOT WAIT! At the very least, contact your webmaster and ask him/her what changes are they making to your site to cater to Google’s new Core Web Vitals.

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