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What makes a website successful in making you money?

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It is simple. If you are a for-profit company, a successful website is one that brings revenue. If you sell products or services online, it is a site that encourage visitors to purchase on your site 24/7. If the purchase is made offline, it is a website that entice visitors to contact you directly.

In the past years, marketing companies have had the approach that a great website is one that tells a company’s story, that promotes the brand’s visibility, etc… This is all great but the bottom line is your company needs to generate revenues and the website should be there to support that goal and/or generate this income.

So let’s put aside all fancy marketing talks for now and focus on making money with your website. If you are reading this post, it seems that you are ready to take a fresh look at your current website.

Here are the very simple questions to ask yourself. There is more to it of course but the following 4 questions are a good start for your website review.

1. Does the website look good?
Most people are visual and will judge your company based on the quality of its website. This applies to the design but also the quality of the photographs and videos chosen for the site. The design should up-to-date (otherwise they will assume the company is outdated), easy flowing, uncrowded, interesting, and yes… pretty. Ugly websites are rarely successful.

2. How easy and fast is it to get the prospective client to a purchasing point or an important call-to-action (such as calling your office)?
This is when you need to be more assertive. People are on your site because they need you. You must clearly show them how to get to where they need to go as quickly as possible. They should not be guessing as to where the shopping cart is or the contact or appointment form.

3. Does the mobile version makes sense for mobile users?
Making a website responsive to smartphones or tablets is a must. Most importantly, the mobile design and layout should make sense. Do you really need to show all of the textual content on a small screen? Are all dynamic elements really necessary and do they even work well on a mobile device? Have you shorten the distance from the homepage to the point of sale on a smartphone? The tendency for site owners is to fit in everything they have on their desktop version onto a tiny bitty phone. With today’s code, we can hide or change specific website elements on a smartphone or a tablet.

4. Is the site optimized for Google’s newest indexation algorithm?

Having a compelling and beautiful website is wonderful but if no one can find it when searching for important keywords, it will not be successful. SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is a complex subject but know that it is possible to rank well on  a small marketing budget. The main thing is to keep up with the new requirements from Google to stay up in ranking.

Again start asking yourself these 4 simple questions. If you can master the visual, flow, mobile usability, and optimization, your website will be successful and it will make money for you and your company.

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