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Website Redesign on a Small Budget

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Building a new website with or without a content management system can be costly as well as time and energy consuming. If your marketing budget is limited this year, consider some design changes to your site for a set fee. A good web designer can offer you a flat rate for a set of changes that will improve greatly the look of your site. That can be done regardless of the age on your website. Think of it as “renovation” just like you would do to your home. If your site is functioning well for you but seems outdated, well executed design changes can transform your website in a very positive manner. Visitors will feel the difference right away and may even assume you invested in a brand new website.

Staying relevant online is important to the image of your company or organization. It means you are in business to stay and that how you present yourself is important to you. Design changes can be anything from color upgrades to image changes, font changes, and overall visual edits. At Business Website Center, we love working for small business owners and can offer a plan that will fit any budget and greatly improve your website without breaking your budget. Design changes can be as little as $500. We often work on a flat fee which works well for our clients so that they know what to expect in results and cost.

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