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Website Calls-to-action

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There is no denying that having a website is a must have for any company or organization. While many focus on design alone, most forget about one very important area. This simple item can make the difference between a pretty website and an efficient website. By efficient we mean one that does exactly what you need it to do for your business. For some it is to generate online sales while for others it is to increase phone calls or emails. As the title of this articles states it, it is all about the calls-to-action. What would you like your website visitors to do when they arrive to the homepage? Have you asked yourself this question?

Strong calls-to-action combined with good copy writing can turn your existing website into a productive marketing tool. There is nothing worst than having people visit your site and for those prospects to be unclear as to what they should do next. You must guide them through the process. After all, they chose to be on your website and are just needing some help on how to proceed.

If you want these prospective customers to contact you, then simply tell them the best way to contact you as soon as they arrive. This can be done with a well placed contact button linked to your standard contact form, a quick form on the homepage, or a clear call-to-action.

If you want them to buy a product or learn more about your services, then simply tell them to do so. Show them how to go from point A to point B without much thought or effort.

If you need to take the visitor on a journey that tells your story, make sure those sections or links are clearly understood. In such cases, sometimes the use of numbers can be useful. One way to test your site is to ask someone unfamiliar with your company to visit the homepage and ask them what they think they should be doing next. You will be surprised at their answer.

Do not be afraid to be assertive and get right to the point with these calls-to-action. Place several of them on all pages, not just the homepage. Make them so that they are easy to notice but in an visually appealing way. For this you can use graphics or buttons that match your color scheme and style. We cannot tell what calls-to-action are best suited for you because every company and website is different.

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