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Professional Email Address

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It always amazes us when a new client comes to us for a new website but has an unprofessional business email address. Many small business owners started their companies years ago and used gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, or other free programs for their emails. That was fine then but it is time to take a honest look at it.

The right email address builds trust with your prospects and existing clients. It shows them that you treat every aspect of your business in a professional manner therefore they can trust you with their needs. or are simply not professional. or is too complicated.

The top recommendation is to use your domain name as part of your email address. You will also have more control on the security of your emails by using a paid email service like Microsoft 365.

For instance in our company we use for our main email and each employee has its own such as for our CEO. info@… is a great catch-all email address since info is the agreed short term for information. You may also¬† use emails like sales@…, techsupport@…, hr@…, returns@…, and so forth.

Keep the email simple. Indeed it should be simple enough to spell over the phone or place on a printed marketing material.

Finally, make it meaningful. If the email address is for the sales departments is the best option.

These 3 simple steps will ensure that your email is very professional and will not cause any hesitation in your prospective clients to use it.

If you are worried about people who are familiar with your older email, know that you can forward those to your new email. Eventually, people will start using the newer version.

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