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Parallax Websites

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What is a Parallax Website?

You might have heard of the word Parallax for new website design but are not quite sure what it means, if this type of web design is beneficial to you and your company and if it is here to stay.

The Parallax Effect started with the video game and computer graphic industry several decades ago and is now making its way to the Internet. It is a visual effect while scrolling a web page. As you scroll down or up, there is a background image that appears to be moving in the opposite direction than your scroll. It creates an illusion of depth while creating a dynamic effect.

Sometimes we can even display multiple background layers that can be scrolled independently in either a horizontal and/or vertical direction. When a layer is moving fast, the visitor feels it is closer to him. The slower moving layers appear to be farther away from the screen.

Note that the entire website does not have to be Parallax. We prefer using parallax for the main pages and a standard layout for the regular sub-pages.

At Business Website Center, we feel this new style of designing and coding is going to become more and more popular with websites.

Of course this creative design is not suited for all types of businesses. For instance you would not want to have a Parallax Effect on a bank’s website. It would simply be too busy and distracting.

We are currently developing this parallax website which we invite you to visit. Click on the top navigation bar and also scroll down and back up so that you can experience Parallax.

To find out if this is a good look for your website, contact our team at (707) 794-9999 (Pacific Standard Time).


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