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As a web agency, we feel it is our responsibility to inform you of the ever-changing Internet rules. We have written numerous articles about website accessibility which is the ADA compliance part of a website. It is after all a legal matter and moral imperative. The good news is that with today’s tools, we can make your site compliant within 3 business days when it used to take weeks.

The program we install is like an insurance policy just like you would have insurance to cover those who enter your facility should they trip and fall. It is call accessiBe and their team will even help you if your company was be included in a class action lawsuit related to online ADA compliance. Note that the accessiBe litigation support is at no additional cost and is included in the monthly and annual plans. Are they good at what they do? They service about 250,000 sites and no clients have been successfully sued for ADA compliance. We think it is quite impressive.

The accessiBe tool is not just for visually impaired visitors. It covers many other types of disabilities including assistance for Internet users with dyslexia by enabling word meaning lookup, people suffering from epilepsy by allowing them to regulate animation on your site, and much more.

ADA laws and regulations at the federal, state, and even local level change often. Some mandates could relate to specific industries. Again, the changes in these regulations are so frequent that it would be prohibitive for a site owner to adjust their site to be up to today’s legal requirements.

Inclusion matters! Yes, being inclusive to everyone with a disability is the right thing to do but also a good business practice. It opens your site to customers with disabilities possibly enabling you to increase your online sales or number of phone calls and emails. The tool reduces bounce rate (aka how soon people leave your website) which is very good for the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

Native code ADA compliance is very expensive, time consuming, and difficult. Thankfully, we can now install a program on your site for a small monthly fee within a few days. Give us a call today to find out more!

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