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Best Password Practice

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We know that it has become incredibly difficult to keep track of so many passwords. Password for your site, hosting provider, email accounts, bank accounts, phone apps, online stores, … It is not uncommon for one person to have 100 passwords.

=1= Do not make them all the same password:

Making all of them the same one is very dangerous. Do not do that any circumstances! Anyway, in many cases, the password requirements vary from platform to platform. Some require to start with a lower case, some do not allow certain special characters, etc.

=2= Mix it up:

Yes, a good password should be a combination of lower and upper cases, numbers, and special characters. Do not put all low case letters together, mix them up.

Example: c34%jgj_*^&jh12$34HJG1-29!

Now, that is an awesome password your IT person would be proud of.

=3= Make it long enough:

If possible, make it 10 to 15 characters long. Yes, it will be impossible to remember it but it will make it highly secured.

=4= Don’t change them unless you have to:

recommendatiosn to create a good passwords
Expert Tips for Best Passwords

The idea of changing all of your passwords once a year like the battery in your home smoke detector has been proven to be fruitless. It brings no extra protection to your accounts.

The only time you should update your password immediately is if you have been informed of a security breach in one of your accounts. In this case, change it right away and any other passwords possibly associated with that account.


If your site was hacked, you cannot be 100% sure how it was hacked so as a precaution update these accounts: Hosting account, domain name registrar, website and server security programs, database access, FTP accounts, and content management system access.

=5= Double up the passwords:

If you have a content management system (CMS), your own membership portal, or any login page you had coded for you, you can add a double login. That means you will need to log in twice with different usernames and passwords. In addition, you should have a CAPTCHA (we love reCAPTCHA from Google) and even make certain login page only available to your IP address.

As a conclusion, yes it is very cumbersome to have very secured passwords. Yes, this is going to get worst as hackers are relentlessly trying to break into the most secured websites and systems. Yes, your passwords should never be identical to each other. And yes, your passwords should be so complex that it is impossible to remember them.

Now breath, it will be okay; it is just a new way to deal with the security of your data.


secured password tips
Recommendations for the most secured passwords

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