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Are your emails with GoDaddy scheduled to migrate from Workspace to Microsoft 365 email?

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GoDaddy’s Workspace Email Program is being retired this year. If you have been using Workspace, you should have received an email notifying you of the upcoming migration and changes to your account and email plan. Though GoDaddy’s team is taking care of transferring your old emails and contacts, there are steps you need to take to be sure nothing is missed. Upon completion, you will also need to redo certain settings.

First and foremost, mark the transfer date on your calendar. The day prior, take screenshots of your email total MB usage as well as your folders and calendar pages. Why? This is in case, something goes wrong during the migration. If you have 40MB of emails but ended up with only 10MB in MS365, you can share your screenshots with GoDaddy’s team to prove that you have missing emails.

If you sign in using a web browser, you’ll need to use a new link which they will send you. This is how you will access your email in the future. You’ll need to take additional action if you’re using an email client to access your email. This includes people who use clients like Outlook, Apple Mail or a phone app to access their inbox. You will need to take action immediately after the move to keep access to your email. The good news is that the Outlook app for phones is very good and will allow you to have access to your emails but also other functions such as calendar, notes, and more. Workspace only had emails on phone apps.

Will your sign-in or email address change?

Your email address will stay the same and you can continue to access it using your regular webmail sign-in or email.yourdomain (like After your transition date, you’ll see your new webmail, Outlook on the web. You’ll have many of the same features as Workspace Webmail, plus a lot more.

If your email password was saved in your browser settings, your password might not show in the Microsoft 365 sign-in page. You can reset your password from either the sign-in page or the Email & Office Dashboard.

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