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Advertising with Google AdWords

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Websites using Google AdWords are the ones you see listed at the top of search results. They typically have the word Ad in front of them. That means that those companies have paid Google for the placement on this particular keyword or keyword phrase. When is it recommended?

  • When you have a brand new website and need immediate exposure until the organic SEO kicks in.
  • When you are launching a new service and want to give it top visibility right away.
  • When you are competing in a very tough market with well established website in a competitive industry.
  • When you have an event happening soon and need to make sure the website or page be found on page one.
  • When you are wanting to target multiple geo locations.

Organic SEO is always best but sometimes one has to pay Google AdWords for top ranking on Google’s search engine. That’s okay. Think of it as the cost of doing business online. In the past, businesses paid for ads in the yellow pages or the local newspaper. Now, it is done on the web.

How much does it cost?

you pay each time someone clicks on your Ad link. If no one does, there are no fees.

You can set a budget for a maximum dollar amount you want to spend each month. Once this amount is reached, the ad stops showing.

The fee for each click depends on the popularity of the keyword. It will be shown to you before you start the Google AdWords campaign.

You can stop at any time and you can increase or lower the budget at anytime too.

The minimum budget to get help from an actual Google staff is a $10 a day commitment. Anything below that amount and you are on your own.

The benefits

Your website will be found as soon as you launch the campaign.

You will obtain valuable analytics information from Google including keyword popularity.

The cos

It costs money.

If you do not set your budget right, it can be costly.

It takes time to set up, analyze, and manage.

You have to learn Google AdWords’ dashboard and that can get complicated.

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