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Adding a chat room to your website

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Online Chat Tools are very popular. Years back, many said that the trend would not last but, “au contraire” they are one of the preferred communication tools for Internet users. Indeed, most people prefer to chat with you right there at that moment instead of calling or sending an email.

Making yourself available on your website via a chat room enables you to have better control of your visitors’ experience. Once you are able to connect with them, the chances of a follow-up are much greater. Many of our clients worry about not being available 24/7. In truth, Internet users do not expect companies to have the online chat staffed every hour of the day. They understand that most businesses have “business” hours. Also, today’s online chats enable users to leave a message when there is no staff available to answer their question.

You can have the tool available on your own smartphone. So, if you are a business owner always on the go, you can answer questions directly from your smartphone. Again, this helps start a conversation with the prospective client.

Preferably, you would want to subscribe to a service that has been in business a few years like LiveChat. They are many others so shop wisely. If your budget allows it, you may ask your web programmer to develop one just for you. But, in most cases, we recommend using a company whose sole business is online chatting. This way they hold the responsibility of upgrading their program when a new browser version is launched. Adapting an online chat program to ever changing technology is a full-time job so choose a third party. They are very affordable now.

Most web users know how an online chat room works like. There is a button to click or mouse over, or a pop-up indicating to the visitor that he/she can communicate live with a member of your team. If no one is available, the visitor is either on queue for the next available agent or they may leave a message.

If being available 24/7 is crucial to your business, you can hire a call center who use chats instead of/or in addition to regular phone calls. This option though requires a bigger budget.

Most online chat platforms are now reliable, user-friendly, and quite affordable. You could give it a try for 90 days and, if you feel it does not bring in new business, you can cancel since most offer month-to-month plans.

We can help you select the best Online Chat company for your specific website and business needs. We can also customize the tool so its “look” matches your brand and colors. It is not as complex as it seems and worth the discussion.

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Add a chat room to your website to increase conversion!

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