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About 2-step verification login

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By now, you must be familiar with the 2-step verification protocol when logging into an online account. It requires a code to be sent to you by text or email each time you want to login. This started a few years back but many platforms now are making a requirement from which you cannot opt out. It can be problematic if you need someone to access your account while you are not available to provide the security code. Also the code often expires quickly so it adds another level of issues.

We run into this problem when working late at night on a website project. In most cases, we ask our clients to add us a delegate/admin on the account (when this option is available), ask them to temporarily disable the 2-step (not often an option anymore) , or make our email a primary on the account while we complete their web project.

Should you activate the 2-step? Yes, you should. This extra level of security is crucial in keeping hackers at bay. You must do what you can to protect your data. Google itself now recommends it if you have any Google accounts/products. Lately they have been pushing for GoogleAds (see below the steps to enable it).

Note that if your website has a content management system, you should also protect your website’s data by asking your webmaster to add a 2-step login system. The complexity and cost of adding this method would depend on your website’s structure, its age, and the hosting provider you use.

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